New Paintings for $500 each

Available now in the Store section

Just added to the Store section of this site, twelve new small paintings available for $500 each.


These selected works were all created during the pandemic. Their small size reflect the limitations Michael experienced working in his dining room instead of his lower Manhattan studio, which he has been avoiding until recently.

Given these paintings relatively small proportions of 7.125 x 5 inches (18.1 x 12.7 cm), they being offered at price point that's much more affordable than most of Michael's other pieces.


Each painting is executed in watercolor and acrylic on paper, a process related to Michael's "takeover" paintings in that the overlaying paint both intervenes as well as compliments the underlying layer. This duality is a concept he's explored in a variety other works where he's appropriated images from the fashion world, art history, as well as his own photography.

December 10, 2020
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