Solo Exhibition at Park House, Dallas, TX

From Behind the Glass

Beginning February 3, 2022, Park House will present From Behind the Glass, a solo exhibition of paintings by Michael De Feo orgazined in collaboration with Hexton Gallery, Aspen. The exhibition's title references the glass advertising vitrines in which Michael began illegally installing paintings in 2015.


Michael De Feo has been painting flowers around the world since the early 1990’s. Rooted at the forefront of the street art movement in New York, he earned the moniker “The Flower Guy”. Continuously exploring the alluring beauty of the natural world, Michael created a series of flower-inspired paintings symbolizing beauty, ephemerality, ritualistic expression, and the cycle of life. Beginning in 2015, he used a master key to access the ad spaces in city bus-stops, inserting his paintings in place of the original branded campaigns, combining the intimacy of these bouquets with an outdoor projection. As the removed advertisements piled up in his studio, he began painting over them, and then reinstalled them back into the vitrines on the streets. This body of work merges fashion takeovers with guerrilla art by both subverting and celebrating the underlying images. With the excitement that came out of combining the fashion world with floral treatments, an ongoing series of magazine page interventions came to life. This exhibition encompasses works from these different moments in his career, visualizing his trajectory.


Note: Park House Dallas is a member's only club. Non-members are welcome to request entrance to the opening reception by writing to but entry is not guaranteed. Space is limited.


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From Behind the Glass

February 3 - April 18, 2022


Opening reception (artist in attendance):

Rescheduled. Date to be announced.


Park House Dallas

100 Highland Park Village, Level 3

Dallas, TX 75205

February 3, 2022
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