The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, Connecticut: Two Atmospheres, Site-Specific Installation

19 October 2005 - 4 January 2006

In 2005, Michael was one of the recipients of the Radius Award from the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. The then Museum Director, Harry Philbrick, invited Michael to create a site-specific installation on the facade of the museum's historic 1783 building.


Michael's approach mirrored some of what he was creating in the streets at the time: imagery from his SCUBA activities; bringing the shadowy undersea world to the streets.


Two Atmospheres depicts a group of hammerhead sharks on one side of the building and a lone SCUBA diver, nuetrally bouyant, around the corner on the following wall. Visible from Main Street, the two sides of the artwork are presented in two different sequences depending on which direction one is travelling on Main Street.

Installation Views